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by Kelly St. Claire

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Meet Kelly, Holistic Hair & Beauty Stylist

Sacred Haircut

A healing and spiritual experience through holistic & creative hair cutting and styling in Richmond, VA.
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Crystal Healing

A one hour session to regain balance through crystal and sound healing.
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Spark Your Chakras

A personal chakra reading, balancing and healing
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Healing through hair: An alternative, holistic approach to haircuts

Did you know that having your hair done is not just physical care and maintenance?

Energetically speaking, it is allowing someone to enter your crown chakra, the most sacred part of your body. For that reason, getting a haircut is not to be taken lightly.

This is where I help women see their beauty as being sacred.

Would you like to LOVE the way you look every time you catch a glimpse of yourself?

As a hair stylist, I have heard many people say that they don’t like going into salons and having their hair done because they will have to look at themselves in the mirror.

I will help you find your spark, both inside and out. In my hair appointments, I offer healing and coaching in the practice of beauty as a way of life. The key to a powerful life is in aligning your inner and outer beauty. Our work together is more than a hair style. It is a sacred experience of unveiling your beauty.

How does an appointment with Kelly work?
A hair consultation is included with each and every appointment. I honor you and really care about your experience and want you to feel beautiful. To me, you are more than the “next” client.

A haircut with me is more than just a run–of–the–mill visit with a hair stylist. Your chakras, especially your crown chakra, is being attended to by someone (me) who has an understanding of the energetic points in your body.

The crown chakra is your sacred connection to your higher self and your divine beauty. During your haircut, I help pull out the beauty that you already possess because I take the time to get to know you and look deeper.

I have a reverence for the whole process of beauty transformation — from the consultation to the moment you leave the salon. Time is taken with you and there is no rush with your service.

More than that, I also have a great passion for beautiful, lush and natural hair colors and I bring this passion to you while you are in my care. Always, I take the time to really listen to you and co–create the look that is perfect for you.

Sacred Hair Services

Sacred Haircut
$60 and up

A style crafted just for you through the insights I gather from our consultation.

Sacred hair color services: All–over hair color
$90 and up

Good for grey coverage or simple beauty enhancement, with a color scheme flattering to your beauty. We will go over planning how to maintain your beautiful hair color, taking into consideration all factors like time, cost and what will look the best on you and bring out your beauty and sparkle.

Sacred hair color services: High and/or low–lights
$100 and up

A dimensional look that is limitless in its creative options. Either achieve lighter look through a simple highlight, or a creative and customized combination of various colors ranging in depths and lights.

All hair and coloring services come with:
• Caring consultation
• Simple blow dry (extra charge for thick hair or blow–out
• Information and instruction in maintenance (including info on products and techniques used)
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“Kelly St. Claire is the queen of hair! I had the privilege to have my most transformational hair cut by this talented woman. My experience with Kelly was more than just a cut and a wash. It was a renewal of my spirit and my being.

Kelly touches more than just your hair. She gets to the roots and intuitively finds the perfect cut for you as a unique individual. When I go to get my hair cut I leave with much more than a fresh cut. I leave with this feeling of lightness and newness that just doesn’t come from an ordinary haircut. Kelly has trustworthy vision. She is truly unique.”

— Alexis M.

“I have been working with Kelly for almost 20 years. She has been by my side through many physical and emotional transformations. Kelly is great at adjusting to each new situation and working with whatever is happening at the moment.

I was a very straightforward client in the beginning. Then, I had some health issues that left me with challenging hair issues. My hair health, texture and thickness now changes each time I visit Kelly. It’s as though she has a new client whenever I show up for my appointments.

She is extremely patient and consults with me before every cut. Kelly is very sensitive to how I am feeling about my hair and spends extra time with me at the beginning of every appointment to design a cut and color that will work for whatever shape my hair is in that month. Kelly goes the extra mile to make sure her clients are happy with their hair and are feeling good about themselves when they leave her chair.

— Kim L.

Chakra Attunement with Crystal & Sound Healing

How does crystal healing work?
Imbalances in the energetic body can manifest as physical illness, dis-ease and /or emotional issues. By taking care of potential problems before they hit the physical body, we can ward off dis-ease even before it manifests in your body.

Crystal placement on and around the body supports health by the principle of entrainment; energy of a stronger and higher frequency will dominate a similar frequency of a lower and more unstable amplitude.  As humans, we are highly influenced by frequencies, especially stable frequencies (like crystals,) we are highly responsive to Crystal Healing Therapy.

Our crystal healing work together is more than only balancing out your chakras and clearing your energy. It is a profound experience of healing on a deep level. It is not only relaxing, if you meet me and co-create your own healing, you will blossom and find the flow that your life is missing.

Crystal Healing Services

Chakra Attunement with Crystals & Sound Healing
$175, approx 60 minutes

Attune and regain balance through the laying on of stones. Gently allow your body to entrain with the steady crystalline frequencies of the mineral world. All sessions include suggestions for action and assignments to anchor the healing.

Each session includes:
• Intake discussion.
• Crystal healing session.
• Crystal guidance and short coaching session.
• Instructions and resources to take home.

Chakra Mini Check–up
$65, approx 25–30 minutes

This mini “check–in” service includes a check of all 7 of the 7 major chakras and a mini–coaching session to bring you suggestions and assignments to bring about balance.

Through pendulum and limited crystal work we will start the process of healing and balance.

For anything other than a mild imbalance, I will suggest a full crystal attunement session.

Schedule your appointment: (804) 239-5237
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More about crystal healing:
Crystals and stones/minerals emit frequencies that don’t vary significantly. They are stable transmitters and geometrically perfect. When they are placed within out close environment, they entrain us to meet their perfect vibrations. This varies with the the frequencies and other properties of the carefully chosen stone.

Humans are easily knocked out of balance by the stresses of everyday life while crystals remain steady.  Since our bodies act as receivers, our physical, mental , emotional and spiritual systems are constantly tuning into our environment. I don’t know about you, but when I look around at the general environment, I can’t help but notice how chaotic it can seem. Modern life holds many stresses and challenges that can affect out health and well being.

Crystal Healing Therapy entrains us to carefully chosen frequencies of the crystals, leaving us relaxed, rejuvenated and balanced.

Spark Your Chakras: A Personal Reading for Healing and Balancing

Did you know that your unique Chakra pattern can give you insight and information into your life? It affects everything from your:

• Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health
• Relationships
• Business or career effectiveness and satisfaction
• Creativity

Your chakras are energy centers in your body. They hold and express our deepest truths. The patterns, tendencies and energies that directly affect our lives can be accessed through these centers (gathering points.)

In your Spark Your Chakra Healing & Balancing Personal Report, I intuitively tune in to and scan your energy body, connect with Angelic energies, and focus on your major chakras (7 in the body and 2 transpersonal chakras.) I look at your energy body as a whole and examine the patterns that are holding you back. You will be given the opportunity for healing, through grace and small guided personal actions.

The information I gather for you through a Spark Your Chakra Healing & Balancing Personal Report will give you clues into the energy dynamics behind imbalance in your mind, body OR spirit, and at least one action you can take (or insight) to do something about it!

In addition, I’ve taken this sacred healing art a step further and added in the archetypal insights from the Tarot. Tarot (for me) is not about predicting the future, it is about gaining additional insight into your current situation. It is like taking a snapshot of this moment in time. Knowledge is power and many times, this additional step is what is needed to get you that flash of insight, or at least it is another way to dig into your situation.

This will be an addition to your Spark Your Chakra Healing & Balancing Personal Report. I will email the pertinent images that come to you from the Tarot. I will draw 1-3 cards as I am guided to do. You will receive an interpretation along with your report. This has proven to be a very valuable addition to assist with healing, insight and awareness. You won’t only receive a page with useless but interesting information, but I will give assignments and suggestions so you can take part in your own healing.

Chakra Reading & Healing Services

Spark Your Chakra Healing & Balancing Personal Report
$97, delivered by email.
Online or non–local customers welcome to purchase.


Having Kelly read you is like looking at yourself through the most gentle and compassionate mirror and seeing a reflection of where you are, as well as seeing the beauty and potential in where you stand.

Kelly starts by painting a picture of where you are on the energetic level. She then clears your blocks, which are in my experience always about bringing to you more healing and love. Her reports are always a series of a-ha moments, validating nagging feelings you may have underneath but don’t quite understand.

The combination of Kelly’s chakra report plus Tarot cards also sparked an immediate shift in my life. Kelly’s ability to accurately interpret the cards, apply it to your situation, and integrate it together with your chakra reading helps you see your blind spots and propels you toward more a-has, shifts and regaining any lost power.

Kelly is gentle, compassionate, caring and her integrity is amazing. I am so thankful for her companionship throughout my healing. Those on this journey know that we can’t always do it alone — sometimes we need healers, guides and the Divine to step in and give us a hand. If you find yourself in one of these times, Kelly’s chakra balancing reports will empower you understand what you’re going through and ultimately help you transcend your difficulties on the level of energy.

— Ana Cœur

Meet Kelly, Holistic Hair & Beauty Stylist

kelly3I am a Holistic Hair Stylist, Beauty and Life Coach and Crystal Healing Artist with a huge focus on physical, mental and spiritual wellness and living healthy habits.

I’m a dancing queen, life artist, creative writer, metaphysical mama, health nut and I have worked with women to bring out their beauty, sparkle and shine for over 2o years.

My mission is to help you bring you an uplifting and healing experience so you can define your personal sense of style while staying true to (and connected with) your spiritual core.

I am here to help you HEAL your inner core and balance yourself out so you feel beautiful and confident. I help you integrate your inner and outer beauty so you will be able to live from a place of power and feel beautiful and confident.

Women come to me feeling short on inspiration, or with creativity that comes in fits and starts. They often don’t feel beautiful, or they feel that they are not being seen or understood by others in the way they experience themselves.

During healing and coaching time together, we work on bringing this rich inner world out to be seen and understood, and gaining momentum and finding action steps to take so that they can feel/BE beautiful and be comfortable being seen.

Beauty doesn’t only live in the light, it is also there in the hidden parts that you’re afraid to peek at, during our time together, we also face down and appreciate those “ugly” hidden parts, that also want to be seen as beautiful.

I am here to:
• Help you feel beautiful and confident.
• Integrate your inner and outer selves (be yourself, love yourself.)
• Help you make a difference in the world!
• Help you find your spark, both inside and out.
• Find balance and flow

I look forward to working with you!

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